Our first date is set for a little program, just me.  A dear friend will host it in their home in February.  I am excited, nervous, happy, scared, grateful, and etc.  My oils Valor for courage   Joy to remember the beauty music is   Harmony so that all my cells are working towards the same goal   Gratitude that I have extra help from my heavenly hosts so will use extra White Angelica and Sacred Angel.

We are working on a date in March for a bigger program.

Tapping (EFT) on all points using the oils of Abundance  Building your Dream   Believe   Motivation (daily taking steps to the goal) Live With Passion and Magnify Your Purpose.

Exciting stuff.  What are you taking on in your life that scare, excites, and exhilarates you?

TOMORROW is the day.  I am listening to Golden Oldies and dancing the nerves away!!!

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