Time To Get Back TO-IT

I gave myself 2 days off from practicing so I could feel the joy of success. Very interesting things happened.  I got a lot of little things accomplished in the home office, I was looking forward to practicing again, I did all my daily routine (except practice) which created productivity in other areas of my life, and I believe that I will take at least one day off from “heavy” practice per week and just play that day.

I used a lot of my Relaxation massage oil to help keep the bliss going.  My tapping wasn’t used except for some things my friends are working on.  I had decided if the bliss slipped I would tap on that!!

I have also decided to add Yoga Nidra to my exercise routine.  It has helped me tremendously on this journey. There are many great You Tube teachers.

As Darren Daily said in his Finding Your Passion series, “I vacation to rest so I can get back to work!”  I agree!


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