We are guaranteed that today we are one day closer to a goal, one day closer to death, one day closer to the week end, one day closer to ….

What will you decide to make this day?  It is your gift to others this day or it is nothing but you not being aware of the infinite possibilities around you.

May I suggest you set a timer and for 5 minutes close your eyes as you breath deeply into the beauty you can create.  See the peace you create because you are at peace with your body, your thoughts, your environment, your family and take that peace with you.

A good tapping script for this 5 minutes, just on the side of your hand is;

Even though I feel _____ I totally love and accept myself and the peace I am and share.

Do this at least three rounds and more if you want.  You can add to or take away from the script.  The important thing is to program your brain for the day you want to create.

Share with us how that set you up for a different type of day.  You can do this through out the day.

My oil for this is Clarity to keep my thoughts directed to being a peace carrier.

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