Uncomfortable Experience

I am choosing to see all who are gathered at these meetings to have a bountiful amount of love in their hearts. It is a very intense retreat that has great potential for my personal growth.  The problem isn’t the speakers. The problem is my receptors.  A huge attitude change is being worked on to know that what I need I will hear and what isn’t for me I won’t hear.

All the chips need to be off my shoulders and I need Dr. H Len’s mantra to be my daily litany: I am Sorry  I Am Grateful   Thank you for Forgiving me   I love You   Thank you

The oils of White Angelica and Transformation will support my journey.

Dr. Len, PhD

The only purpose in your life and mine is the restoration of our Identity—our Mind—back to its original state of void or zero (Buddha), of purity of heart (Jesus) and of blank (Shakespeare) through nonstop cleaning.

It is in the void, at zero, Divine Love resides, providing inspiration for perfect relationships, perfect health and perfect wealth.

The responsibility and the function of the Conscious Mind (Intellect) is to initiate the cleaning, to care for the Subconscious, teach it the cleansing process and to ask Divinity for directions.

The Conscious Mind is clueless as to what memories are replaying (11,000,000 per second) in the Subconscious. ONLY DIVINE LOVE CAN TRANSMUTE TOXIC MEMORIES TO PURE ENERGIES. DIVINE LOVE IS THE ONLY SOURCE OF INSPIRATION AND ENLIGHTENMENT!

The Conscious Mind does not perform these functions!

The Subconscious, as the super computer, is the key in the Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono cleansing process. If loved and cared for, the Subconscious becomes an ally, cleansing nonstop even as we sleep.

I wish you and your family, relatives and ancestors Peace beyond understanding.

Peace of I,

Dr. Len, PhD

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