Unique Day

I have been doing the “List of 3”  the 6.2 billion dollar bit of advice given through Darren Daily.  I make that list fluid; and amazingly enough I still get the 3 things done or at least tackled that made up the original list.

Of course I believe that my oils like, En-R-GEE, VALOR, JOY, BELIEVE, and others keep me on track and in integrity with my original intent.

What else made this day unique?  I tried to entertain at a senior living complex today. All are self-reliant residents and some are very interesting. We ran into some very angry residents who shut down my attempts. (Unlike when I play in the assisted living facilities. Those residents  beg me to keep playing.) This experience has an up side.  I met 4 residents that loved my act and helped me have fun inspite of the bitchy old ones.  It was so sweet that one of the “4” said that some people just have very sensitive ears.  Now that’s a kind spirit.



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