Wait—-Delayed Gratification

I have learned that I need to trust the waiting process.  So many times stepping in only disrupts the natural flow, often when we wait (patiently waiting is even better ) the end results is what we had  hope for.

Not saying the thing we so want to say; waiting for natural resolution, not eating/drinking those empty calories; working towards a healthier body, not spending what we don’t have; living in financial prosperity, all this goes against our WANT for instant gratification.

Delayed gratification gives us a larger or more enduring reward. When we practice delayed gratification we increase our patience, our empathy, our life purpose gets enlarged and we become more than we thought we could be.

Darren Hardy loves to quote, “You were made for magnificence.”  Let your magnificence shine.

Some of the oils I smell, diffuse, or wear when I need extra support to practice delayed gratification are:  Valor   Joy   Stress Away   Common Sense   Highest Potential

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