Week 2 of Commitment

I am glad that I have started this journey.  My oils have helped me keep my focus, Valor especially.

Today was a busy day in special ways.   I have been thinking of the things I have had to commit too to make this journey palatable.  (pun intended)

I have to have a hearty breakfast by 10a.m., I have to eat my last meal by 5 ish so that I can have a snack around 5:30;  I feel really deprived if I don’t get to have that evening ‘snack’ and I have to be flexible if my schedule is off and I have to ‘flow’.  The only thing I won’t do is have a snack after 6.

One day I grabbed a snack, took a bite and thought oops I had better check the time.  I had to put the snack in the garbage.  I am now getting the sub-conscious to click in and have me check B4 I take the bite!!

All week I have been making lists of what I want to add to this week.  I will have a 24 hour cleansing period.  I’ll probably do it from noon day 5 to noon day 6.  That way I can go to lunch with a friend on day 6.  I am also going to limit my sugar  to 3 days a week. I will start back to yoga class and continue swimming 2 days a week.

Day 8/1  I did good, but I missed out on my snack, boo hoo.

Day 9/2  It was impossible to get my last meal in before 6 so I did what I had to do and no snack again!!  I also found out that I must pack my next day’s lunch before 6-yep a little nibble here and there.  On to a new day.

Day 10/3  On course and doing well.  I also decided to make this a sugar free day.  Doing good on that. Success success success on all fronts. My Stress Away Oil is really a wonderful gift to keep my so happy and at peace.

Day 11/4 I overslept due to operator error when setting the alarm that I have used successfully for years. I give myself kudos for getting up an hour late and only being 5 minutes late for work. I have chosen to make this another sugar free day. I don’t plan on Yoga tonight unless I feel really good after my physical therapy.  Nope didn’t do the Yoga.   Very strong finish.  I wonder if the desire to ‘graze’ late at night will ever disappear?

Day 12/5  Start cleanse.  Had a great breakfast and am doing good with the cleanse drink.  My computer decided to have an “I don’t want to ” day and I figured out the solution on my own.  Yeah.  I will let you all know how this day finishes.  It is a strong finish stayed on the cleanse and remained sugar free.  I believe I’ll use extra Stress Away Oil tonight.

Day 13/6  Finish cleanse at noon.  I am also sugar free today.  The cleanse is 24 hours of a liquid food.  It is nutritionally balanced.  The important fact to remember is to drink enough of the drink and enough water to flush out your system.  I have done this cleanse in the past for up to 30 days so I can vouch that for me it is very safe and efficient.  My commitment at this time is 1 day a week forever.  Another wonderful success now all I have to do is keep sugar free and don’t eat after 6p.m.  More later.  I did it.  I met the challenge and I feel good-na na na na naa.  Do a little happy dance.

Day 14/7  Wow this was a wacky day.  I opted to continue my walking exericise (shopping) instead of rushing to keep on schedule.  I didn’t have a ‘real’ meal after 6 just some nutritious bites of foods I had to fix for the weekend.  I did get my snack in before 6!!!  I am sure by now you have guessed that my snacks aren’t always high on the food chain’s nutritional value chart.  I enjoyed them and it made not having a ‘real’ meal OK.–I didn’t overdo and that is what is important to me.

I may not be posting tomorrow as it is a full full day.  I will be eating at 9 pm more than likely as we have an Improv Show and we always go out.

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