Week 3 Day 15-21 The Tortoise Continues

Day 15/1  As promised no entry.

Day 16/2  Yesterday up at 6a.m. in bed at 11 p.m.  Enough said. — I need to recap what my goals are and my progress.

1.  Main meals and snack done by 6p.m. w/flexibility for fresh fruits and veges after 6 if I have a busy  late evening

2.  Yoga and swimming 2x a week-I substituted walking for the swimming and will do Yoga when the schedule permits.

3.  Sugar free 4 days a week.

4.  Cleanse 1 day a week.

I am adding an OK to snack after 6p.m. 1 day a week.  Today is the day.  I didn’t have dinner as I was full from lunch and didn’t watch the time.

What I notice-I am not weighing so I am not counting pounds until the 32nd day.  My clothes are fitting looser and I don’t feel bloated.

I am pleased with my success thus far and believe that I will continue because of my desire to physically feel different.

If you have started your new journey whether physical, spiritual, or emotional please share with us.  I’ll monologue with you tomorrow.

17/3  I chose to cleanse today.  It was good.  I finished strong.

18/4 I finish the cleanse today at noon so will report in later. I obviously have not mentally repaired myself well for this cleanse. I am literally waiting for my alarm to ring at noon so I can start eating. I give myself big kudos for not ‘snacking’ last night while putting my lunch together and not snacking today while getting lunch ready. I am not so much hungry as I am wanting to eat. Many of you will know exactly what that means. Yes Yes I have completed my cleanse.–There is a great satisfaction in enjoying each ‘bite’.  I had a weak finish because of poor planning.   I didn’t finish dinner until 7.  Oh well

19/5  I chose to make this a sugar day and I chose to indulge in some after 6p.m. eating.  I had a weak finish to the day and I learned a lot about be conscious when doing emotional eating.  I eat a lot less and I enjoy it a lot more.

20/6  Today was a sugar day.  I finished strong.  Glad I am taking this one day at a time.

21/7  Non sugar day.  Had a good finish.  Read the label on my special cold cereal and discovered I’ll have to eat it on a sugar day.  No wonder I like it so much.  It is the type of cereal that suppose to be healthy so I never checked the sugar in it.  It is beyond reasonable.  Good to have this week finished.   I worked extra hours so getting everything lined up was a challenge.  I still miss the night eating.

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