Week 7 Days 43-49

Day 1  No sugar Liquid Meal [LM] I think I will have to be very specific about sugar intake.  I am comparing the grams of sugar to the calorie content.  It is amazing that the relationship is not what I thought.  Example

Product one: candy-170 cal 24 carbs 8g of sugar   Product 2: 7.5oz soda 90 cal 25 carbs 24g of sugar.

We have a late dinner tonight with a very special young man.  Yep you guessed it, my son.  Strong finish. One of the great htings about Mediterranean food is there is no need for desert!

Day 2  LM Very limited sugar.  It looks like I may have to go to 6 days sugar free with specific limit on when I do have sugar.  Very successful day. I am on the road tomorrow so what will be will be.

Day 3 LM  On the road did fine.  Sugar day.  Strong finish.

Day 4  Cleanse day.  This will complete all of the LMs for the week as I will have a LM for breakfast too. ?I did the cleanse from evening to evening. Not the recommended way. Sugar Free Strong finish.

Day 5 LM again. It is working so I will continue it. Sugar Free NOPE I am contemplating 5 days sugar free and 2 days of very limited.  I goofed and finished weak.  Lesson learned.  I will have to count this as a free day and move on.

Day 6 LM the liquid meals are easier and easier.  Sugar Free NOPE Now to get the sugar eliminated.  I am consuming less on the sugar days. I need to set a gram amount of sugar and be done with it.  My intent is set.  I am having lunch with a dear friend.  That will be fun.  Evening-a large vege salad.  Improv  workshop so I am always starved after.  I’ll just stay out of the kitchen. I did have sugar, stopped eating at 4 pm so used up many of the ’empty’ calories.  I did stay out of the kitchen.

Day 7 Show tonight plus a very active day.  No sugar thus far.  Should finish clean.  I will go out with the troupe for a salad after the show if they go.  Sugar Free

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