Today I had a wonder-filled experience that I want to share.  I am doing a lot of tapping (EFT), a lot of oils, and much praying to get me ready for the piano program that is coming up soon.

I knew I had to find a GREAT piano to work out on so I could get the minuta of the music the way I wanted it; pedaling dynamics, (louds and softs) and other music stuff .  I had a piano in mind and had not been able to find out where it was.  I had played it several years ago when I was in town and visited my girlfriends parents who were residents in an assisted living facility.  Today  I found it.  It is a lovely baby grand of high quality.

I had a great great audience and entertained them for over 2 hours. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  It is the most fun I have ever had playing piano.  The perfect audience had a few that were a bit disgruntled about me playing and suggested that “maybe I could take a rest!!”


What have you done recently that you surprised yourself at how well you did it or how much you enjoyed doing it?

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