Who Knew…..

You step into a new adventure and you think some things will be OK and others  will take some getting use to, but who knew…

Who knew that after 8 years of restricted access the transition to full access would be so easy?

Who knew that when you start a new part of your life’s journey the old part of the journey becomes almost surreal?

Who knew that the power of suggestion is so strong that living the reality you imagined for so many years is very comfortable?

I’ll share with you some people who know:

Newlyweds that didn’t shack up first.  Married life is such a different mind set from single life.

New parents.  That little bundle is all consuming.

People who have experienced a major life change through no choice of their own.  Sometimes the change is mostly good and sometimes it brings you to your knees.

Life is only about change.  The oils I use to keep balanced are Valor, Joy, and Harmony.  I embrace all of life’s experiences affirming I am safe, it is only change.



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