Who Me?

In our impetuous youth we raise our hands, our desk unable to contain us yelling, “Me, me pick me.”

As a cautious youth we chew our lip, bow our head and think, “Me?”

During our busy middle years we draw inside ourselves trying to become invisible making our body language scream, “Not ME.”

When we are in our not quite ‘senior’ years we lift our heads, look life straight in the eye and say, “Yes Me.”

Then we stop.  We are now a senior.  We have lived our dreams.  We have accomplished our goals and we say  ‘…is this all there is?’

Cheers to everyone of you that have found that wonderful part of you that lives with gusto and enjoys each moment.  Not out of ignorance of the ‘world condition’ but in spite of it.

My oils of Magnify Your Purpose and Live With Passion will create that for me too.

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