Wisdom Discretion Understanding

  Keep sound wisdom and discretion, forget it not.  Wisdom is the principal thing..with all thy getting get understanding. ANCIENT PROVERB (A father writing to a son)

As we live this life aware that we are a spirit being gathering information in this physical experience we have an opportunity to gather the wisdom and understanding that keeps us on the life path marked out for us. 

Wisdom is learned, sought out and applied.  Life experiences don’t make us ‘wise’.  It is only when we choose to learn from our experiences that wisdom comes.   Understanding is the ‘heart knowledge the empathy’ of wisdom.  Wisdom is a ‘head knowledge the knowing of a matter’.  When we analyze our life  experience(s) we are gathering wisdom. 

Discretion is that  intent to never willingly do, say or think a thing that would harm ourselves or others.  When we live consciously and we are aware of our thoughts, words and actions it is easy to see ourselves as we truly are.  When we see ourselves discretion is easier because we don’t think higher of ourselves than we ought. 

 Some essential oils that help with this intent of gathering wisdom and making it a core value are Live with Passion, Magnify Your Purpose and Valor.

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