Wonderful Fellowhip

Last night we had a miracle evening of good food, stimulating conversation and fun.  There was one 50ish couple, 2 long time divorcees, 1 long time widow  and a young man in his 3os.

The dinner was the reason we came together but the fellowship was the reason the evening was such a huge success.  Each one has weathered life well.  They have created their own slice of heaven on earth and live their christian values.  The ages ranged from 31 to 79 and there was no generation gap.  Some of us  have have known each other over 40 years except for the youngest who has been here 2 years.

It is times like this that I give awesome thanks for the values that bind me to my friends. My oil is Gratitude.

Share with us an evening that was a memory you will cherish for a long time.

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